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"I had an incident a year ago left me with a numb painful left foot. Sometimes it was so painful I could hardly stand the pain. I went to Mayo in Minnesota and the diagnoses was nerve damage, and would take a year to heal. It has been over a year, wasn't getting better actually it was getting worse. I made an appointment to see Alex hoping she could help me. After my first treatment of acupuncture it was better, I was even afraid to believe it, but then it seemed to get much better over the next few days. This is day 5 post treatment and I seriously no longer have the excruciating pain that kept me awake at night. I bought a package of 4 treatments, and am looking forward to having my normal foot back. I love her place, Alex is very knowledgeable! Why did I wait so long? That's the question. I sincerely thank you Alex."

Marie L

"This was an amazing appt. Had only done cupping and acupuncture one time each, respectively. To have it combined, as well as being hooked up to the electro-stim, was unreal. Beyond fair pricing, would recommend to anyone."


"Alex is very knowledgeable & compassionate. I was in severe pain before I went to see her & her treatments have gotten me back on my feet. I will be seeing her for additional treatments monthly!"


"Alex is wonderful and caring! Recommended her for my husband and teenager too! Her acupuncture and cupping sessions are truly phenomenal for the mind, body, and soul. Will be back!"

Donna S

"Been getting acupuncture for over 10 years now and no one has ever relieved my pains and stress like Alex has! It's affordable and will have you feeling brand new!!"

James A

"Wow! What a great experience! Alex is very professional and very personable. She’s caring and attentive and really helped me a lot in just my first session! I’m going back weekly! I was sooooo relaxed afterwards. Felt great!"


"I've tried same services at other places and Alex is the 1st to incorporate cupping and accupuncture together effectively. I don't ever feel rushed or have to wait, and she's very intuitive, professional and attentive to my needs. Thanks Alex!"


"Alex is extremely friendly and a pleasure to be around. Her knowledge of her work is extensive and it shows in how she takes care of her patients. I had acupuncture and cupping done in one session and it was a breeze. No discomfort whatsoever, I'm glad she was recommended to me I will definitely be using her services again."


Highly intuitive.. Such a deep and passionate understanding of the body and our systems .. An unparalleled experience.. I love my body and am very selective who I let work on me.. Trust that Alex's are the best hands you could be in .. When she works on me, complete peace and clarity surrounds me.. it's really amazing..

Rachelle H

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